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We all have dreams and some embrace them more than others... what would the world be like if this were not the case?
I am going to share my vision for a future... where the next generation actually gets paid for driving down the road.
Now it might only be a penny a mile so lets not get too excited ( really alot more in savings when you dont need to pay for gas or power)...but once the buckypaper roads pay for themselves ...the profits should go to the people.
life is transitory its about doing someting that we have never done before.
lets look at some reality from dreams...YouTube - Innowattech breakthrough in alternative energy from road traffic"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." –Richard Buckminster Fuller

Sunday, October 3, 2010

charge your car at the stop sign

That sounds impossible now but we are beginning to understand how everything works on the nano-scale this new awareness makes it possible to Quickcharge and with inductive charging {available for all small electronics right now} imagine stopping at a light or stop sign and a small paddle pops out touches a charge-pad an presto like magic your charged up ready to go another 100 miles.
one small towns wind-power generates cash pick ur heads up local mayor's $200,000 could solve a few problems.
after all if you can teach a man to fish why cant you teach a city how to thrive
wave-power is more than just a blip on the radar now.
win win solar system for home and business .
solar thermal could equal worldwide power consumption.
POO power still looks like cost benefit studies will reveal this is not the best way to generate power yet.
Google is backing Pedal powered mono-rail blogger likey ; p