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We all have dreams and some embrace them more than others... what would the world be like if this were not the case?
I am going to share my vision for a future... where the next generation actually gets paid for driving down the road.
Now it might only be a penny a mile so lets not get too excited ( really alot more in savings when you dont need to pay for gas or power)...but once the buckypaper roads pay for themselves ...the profits should go to the people.
life is transitory its about doing someting that we have never done before.
lets look at some reality from dreams...YouTube - Innowattech breakthrough in alternative energy from road traffic"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." –Richard Buckminster Fuller

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Unstopable Force of Ideas ...

while Tesla may have been stricken down in the prime of his life...
his PURE AND HONEST idea to give the power to the people is living on ....
No army on earth or in the Entire realm of time and space can stop an idea
whose time has come ....so i say to you the path to change the future starts now
humanity is beginning to understand where we are in this place and time ...and I KNOW that
we need a change that is not only enriching ...OUR FORMER VICE PRESIDENT Al Gores kids...but ALSO ENRICHES the kids of the poorest man on the planet !
looks like i am not alone ...Bob Lazar also has started a fantastic plan to give free green energy to the world as well ...never said my plan was our only path i only say its worth a look ...thanks Bob for pushing forward another free green energy solution lets all get into this kind of thought ...its gonna make a much better future for the next generation ....it is you that can really make the change in the world ...."dont try do" - yoda
But i warn you don't take on the plight of the oppressed unless you are ready to face the oppressor